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5 Visit Ticket

Information and Blackout Dates

Blackout Dates

Blackout dates are days you cannot use your 5 Times Value Ticket to visit Peppa Pig World of Play. View the dates below so you can plan your future visits at a time your ticket is valid until it expires February 28, 2023.

All Saturdays are blackout dates for the 5 Times Ticket. Please look at additional blackout dates below to ensure you visit during a valid date.

  • All Saturdays
  • Select Sunday
    • April 24th
  • Select Weekdays
    • April 18th

  • All Saturdays 
  • Select Sundays
    • June 5th - August 7th
  • Select Weekdays
    • June 15 - August 13th

  • All Saturdays
  • Select Sundays
    • September 4th
    • October 9th
    • November 20th
  • Select Weekdays
    • November 21st - 25th

  • All Saturdays
  • Select Sundays
    • December 18th
    • December 25th 
    • January 1st 
    • January 15th
  • Select Weekdays
    • December 19th - 30th
    • January 16th
    • February 20th

Additional FAQ

February 28th, 2023. 

The visits will expire and cannot be used at any date after February 28, 2023.

Please contact us here for any additional issues.

Only the adult and child named on the ticket can use the ticket for their visits. 

This ticket includes 5 visits for one adult and one child that are named on the ticket.

The 5 Visit Ticket cannot be used with any other discount, promotion or combo ticket. 

A guest adult or child that comes with can purchase separate tickets online or at the attraction.