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Oinktastic fun!

With more than 12 themed areas, each lovingly created from the hit animation series, we will bring to life the world of Peppa Pig and spark the imagination of your little piggies.  Jump, laugh, play, imagine and giggle!

Peppa's House

During your visit

Children aged 8 years or younger can only visit us with their family (with a responsible adult at least 18 years old). Everyone needs a ticket. You can buy tickets here on our website. Adults without children are not permitted, nor are children without an adult who is at least 18 years old.

Socks with grips
Shoes may not be worn in some areas of the playground. When climbing in all play equipment (Rebecca Rabbits's Undergound Adventure, George's Fort and Peppa Pig's Treehouse), shoes must be removed and socks must be worn. This applies to children and adults. Shoes may be worn in other parts of the playground and on the carpets. Due to reasons of hygiene, it is not allowed to walk barefoot. It is recommended to wear socks with grips. Socks with grips are available in different sizes at the entrance to the attraction and at the Campervan Café for €1.50 per pair.

Food and beverages
Due to food safety and hygiene of all visitors, it is not allowed to bring your own food/drinks from outside the attraction. In the playground there is the Campervan Café where snacks and drinks are available. There is also a water tap with free drinking water in the playground.

It is not possible to leave the playground during a play session. You go in with your group at once and when everyone has finished playing, you go back out together. Leaving the playground in the meantime, for example to go shopping, is not possible. It is not possible to change adults during a play session. 

Photo locations
In the playground there are two different photo locations. Photos can be taken in front of a green screen. With this opportunity you can choose the background yourself. You can also take photos in the sensory garden of Grandma Pig. Maybe a butterfly will sit on your head.
You can take all photos with a card with a QR code on it, which you will receive upon entry. Tip for Annual Pass holders, this ticket can be used for multiple visits. To download all digital photos for free, follow the instructions on the card.

Prepare to jump, laugh, play, imagine and giggle!

Check here our rules of play.