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Complimentary Tickets

Frequently Asked Questions and How to Use Them

So, you have complimentary tickets to Peppa Pig World of Play — congratulations!

Here are some helpful FAQs regarding when and how to use your ticket(s). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your complimentary tickets are valid for one visit, up to six months after the date printed on the ticket. Please be sure to use the tickets within this timeframe or they will expire. 

You do not need to make a reservation in order to use your complimentary tickets. You can visit on any date or time that works best for you, though Blackout Dates may apply.

Simply join the admissions line when you arrive and have your complimentary tickets ready to scan when you get up to the desk.

Check our hours on our website before you visit >

Yes. View the Blackout Dates here.

Your complimentary ticket(s) entitles you to entry for one person per ticket into Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan unless otherwise noted. Your ticket(s) does not have any cash value. Your ticket(s) is not redeemable at any other Merlin attractions and can only be used at the attraction listed on the ticket(s). The ticket(s) must be presented at the Attraction entrance and surrendered in order to gain entry. Final interpretation resides with Peppa Pig World of Play Michigan.

No, your tickets are only valid for Peppa Pig World of Play.

If you have any other questions, please check out our general FAQ page, which can be found here.

You can also contact us by clicking here.